Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Alive, Perhaps Not Well

Just dropping a line to let you know I'm not dead. Though now that I think about it, I'm a bit terrified that I haven't been driven to blog as I have before. It's not quite normal. Yeah, I'm definitely scared now, this isn't good news. I haven't been out much with my friends either, though I asked them to come over once in a while. And work has been alright. I finally snapped a bit at the chatty lady though, so that helped immensely.

Elaine, not sure if you read my blog at all, but what you're doing with Hope is amazing. You're taking every safeguard you can find, which is exactly what you should be doing, but I still ask you to be careful. There are so many lives at stake there now. Of course now I sound like an asshat for telling you what you already know. I guess I just worry. MrStumblr would be proud though, of that I'm certain.

The mail truck is here. Time to go gather my bills.


  1. Heh, you be careful too. Your 'normal life' won't last forever. There's always a place for you at Hope if you want/need it.

  2. I know Elaine. I just want to enjoy it while it lasts. Thanks.