Monday, October 24, 2011

Sick Leave

Horribly fucking tall asshat met me at work today. Standing right in the elevator, head crooked so he could actually fit in there. I must have nearly wet myself because my boss looked at me with the strangest face and asked if I was alright. I opted to take the stairs, obviously. And lucky me he was there when I opened the door. I didn't want to stick around so I turned and ran. I called my boss from the car, feigning illness. She said she wasn't surprised after the look on my face and told me to get some rest. So I made a vague attempt to enjoy daytime television. Not an easy thing to do.

At least Guardian has been quiet. Whether he's been disposed of, or is just biding his time I don't know. I'm worried about just how long my normal semi-quiet life can last. So far it's been a bumpy, but workable life. I like it, but I know all of us stalked are living on borrowed time.


  1. ... If he's at your work, you should probably get the fuck out of there, Lexi

  2. So far he has never shown up on consecutive days. I'll be here a few more days at least, I want to square some things away, but I'm probably taking off ASAP.

  3. If you need a place to go, there's always Hope.