Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Late Lunch

I'm on a break from work. There's this little cafe just down the block I love going to for lunch and they happen to have WiFi. I woke up and e phone had been turned on. There was a message from Guardian. "This is where tragedy begins." I didn't have time to think anything of it, I just wanted to shut off the constant buzzing, but I'd overslept and just now had a chance to think about it.

So far this person hasn't steered me wrong, but I wonder what they could possibly know that I don't. Besides, tragedy began a long time ago. We'll see, I guess. My sandwich is done now and I need to head back to work. So far things have been peaceful. The third story thing seems to have helped.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Here We Go Again

I'm home and thanking every deity known to man I didn't see a cop on the way. We were dancing and there was a guy. He was... oooh. He took my mind off the recent past and kept it very well focused on the moment. Moving on, our favorite freakshow was there. He started in the corner and I tried to ignore him, but whenever I took my eyes off him he got closer and closer.

So I flew home. I just got in my car and drove. I know my locks won't stop him, but here's to testing the third floor theory. Oh, and I hear the kettle. Time to go brew my tea. I think I'm going to add a shot of liqueur to it. I could use it tonight.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Another Trip

We're headed to Mankato tonight. Another night out on the town. They're trying to get me to party and lighten my mood. It's a little much really. But it's fun, to a point. And I'm ditching the high heels tonight. I don't feel like dealing with the pain in the morning.

I'd better run or I'm going to be late. Oh! I need to feed Squinkey before I leave. She'd probably appreciate that.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Job Well Done

Alright, this isn't so bad. It's mostly just typing things up and filing them away. There's a guy at the desk next to me who works like a machine though. Creeps me out. I don't think he ever smiles. The lady on my other side keeps talking too. She's either mumbling to herself or singing or something. She's not a bad singer, but the constant noise is a bit much.

I'm going to make a quick supper and head to bed early. I'm tired tonight.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Day One

New job today. I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to it or not. I don't mind meeting new people, but I don't know what to do if something goes south. The mace is coming with me. The phone is too, but it's staying off. Don't need anyone tracking it.

I don't know, maybe I'm overreacting. It's perfectly possible to live a normal life with a paranormal stalker.

It is, right?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Temp From Chiswick

Alright, I found a job, this is good. It's through the temp agency, but still, it's a job. My girlfriends are dragging me to a little bar in Dassel later. We have some friends in a band playing there tonight. They're not always great, but they are always fun. I could use some of that right now.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Movie Night

MrStumblr and I always watched movies on Wednesday nights. I miss that. A lot. But I've got my apartment all straightened out, furniture in place and everything, so I've got friends coming over. I'm marinading chicken for supper. We're going to do something casual, just a movie night and supper in the living room.

I need to get out more anyway. Or at least socialize. I've been sitting in and moping too much.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Hunting We Will Go

Finding a job is much harder than people make it out to be. Nobody wants to hire right now. I'm almost thinking I should try temp work or something. I don't really need to work, but what else am I going to do? Sit around? Fat chance.

You know what? I'm going to a temp agency tomorrow. I don't mind office work and it'll keep these idle hands from being the Devil's playthings.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Retail Therapy

I shouldn't have given away the location of my new home. Minneapolis is huge, but still. I was downtown enjoying the morning and looking for a job (and maybe a new outfit) when I saw her. MrStumblr's psycho therapist. So I turned and ran. Stupid mistake number two. Running attracts attention. She followed.

I was almost to my car when she caught me. I landed face first on the concrete and she pulled a knife out. This is broad daylight in the middle of a busy street and she's pulling out weapons. So much for her being intelligent. Either she wasn't ever that smart or she degraded. Maybe both. Lucky for me, a bystander had one of those personal taser things. They got her dead center in the back and she just fell on top of me. So of course I pushed her off of me and climbed in my car.

And here's where things go further south. My phone was no longer in my pocket, meaning I couldn't call 911. It fell out and onto the concrete when I landed. Then her knife hit the screen when she fell. It's completely ruined. Someone else already called the police though and they arrived soon enough. She's supposedly in custody, we'll see how long that lasts. I gave a statement down at the hospital while they patched up my now broken nose.

I wish it ended here, but it doesn't. When I finally got home, there was a message on the phone. Guardian left it, of course. "Keep this phone with you. You need more help than you realize." I suppose I might as well. I hardly use my cellphone anyway and my contract's up. I'll call and cancel my service in a bit. All the same, I'm keeping the GPS services off on this phone for safety reasons.

So a question to anyone reading. Do you know how to get blood out of a blouse or car upholstery? Broken noses bleed a lot.

Oh, and my new locks are staying locked, just in case.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Place To Call My Own

I'm in Minneapolis now. I found a nice apartment on the forth floor. It's been said that being higher makes him stay away. Which is true of airplanes. But I want to test the theory with an apartment building. A bunch of new furniture is being delivered tomorrow. It's the last of my savings, which I guess I won't really need anymore. All I have right now is various home stuff, like kitchen supplies and the like, and my bed.

Internet, phone, and TV all got hooked up today too, which is nice. I don't have to mooch like I did this morning. For some reason everyone thought I needed plants. I've got a couple small pine trees and a ficus plus a couple ferns. I'm thinking of turning the second bedroom into a sort of green house. There's a couple huge windows in there that would be perfect.

But the best part of this building? They allow pets. That's right folks, MrStumblr's blind cat is staying with me. Squinkey's exploring the place right now. She keeps bumping into things, but that'll get better soon.

I'd better head to bed though. The furniture people are supposed to be here around 10 in the morning.

Oh, and still no headway on who sent the package. For now I think I'll wait and see what happens on that front. Maybe they'll get mad that I'm leaving the phone home during the day or something.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


I'm beginning to wonder if some of my blogging isn't because of Slender Man. I can't sleep tonight, I'm too wound up over that package. I made sure to change the ring tone so it wouldn't freak me out. Something sort of soothing. Of course, when it actually rings, I doubt with great severity that I'll actually be calm.

Back on track though, I'm wide awake, so what do I do? I grab my laptop and hop on my blog. I felt a change of theme was necessary. I put up the rose background because MrStumblr always brought me flowers on our dates. Every time he had a bouquet in hand. But the wine glass feels better for some reason.

Tomorrow I'm going to lease a proper apartment of my own and look for a job. Globe trotting got me nowhere, so I may as well make a vague attempt to live a normal life. For now though, there's a box of wine in the fridge with my name on it. No, literally. If I didn't write my name on it, my amazing friend would have claimed it as hers long ago and left none for me. But I need a glass and some music. Hopefully that'll help me sleep.

Friday, September 2, 2011

A Parcel

Sorry I haven't said much lately. I'm a bit reclusive right now, I'm sure you can understand why. That being said, I'm staying with a friend for now. We're selling the house, nobody has a use for it. Pretty much everything in it's being sold too. He had another copy of his will, a legal one, in that stack of papers he mentioned. It's going to take some time, but all of the legal crap is being worked out.

That being said, I received a package today. It was sent to my friend's apartment, not the house, but addressed to me. The box itself was a fair size, like what a DVD player would ship in, so it surprised me when I opened it and didn't find much. There were three other, much smaller packages and a bunch of packing peanuts. Each one had an item and a note.

The first was a can of mace in one of those bubble wrap lined envelopes. The note read "For protection, because it's not only Him after you."
The second was a key in a standard letter envelope, it's note said "For emergency use only. Keep it with you."
And the third was a cell phone, new in it's box and complete with a charger and battery. "I'll contact you later. Also for use in emergencies."

There doesn't seem to be anything special about any of these. The mace is just a small aerosol spray can, the key looks like an old house key, and the phone is a brand new Verizon flip phone. Cheap, but it gets good signal. There's one contact in the phone book and it's a local number. Guardian, he calls himself. Or herself, the handwriting is very neat. They sent a text message to the phone too. "Call if you need anything."

I'm a little freaked out here. First off, someone knows where I'm staying. Someone that really shouldn't know. Someone I don't want knowing. Secondly, from what he or she says, others with less than amiable ambitions know too. Third, and this is a bit of comfort, at least someone wants me alive. For the time being anyway.

I don't know their reasons, but alive is good.