Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Lexi, I've finally got a bit of time to explain things to you.

For those of you reading this, Lexi has been badgering me with countless questions as of late. You've seen them, here on the blog. But also she's been texting me. Mostly they're about the key and my motives.

I'll start with the latter, it's simpler to explain. I'm here to help Lexi. Yes, I'm here for others too, but mainly her. Think what you want of me, I'm going to do what I can.

Now, the key. I, shall we say, acquired it from a proxy who met an untimely end. Then again, he was a proxy, big whoop. This was after I spent quite a significant portion of my time tracking it down and identifying exactly what it does. Essentially it rips open the fabric of space and time and creates a tunnel between two points. Now an inexperienced user like myself or Lexi tends to hop around a bit in time when they use it, but in theory it should be capable of instantaneous transportation.

Unfortunately, the tunnels it opens aren't always safe. You need a clear mind when using it, something very few of us runners have anymore. If you're distracted or scared, these pathways will amplify that terror. So no, Slenderman wasn't there, just his image in your mind. Which, consequently, is close enough to the real thing from what I can tell. If he appears when you next use the key, make sure not to let him out of the door. The consequences would be disastrous.

Next order of business, Elaine. Woman, you're freefalling towards your early demise from what I can see. While I thank you for sheltering Lexi for a short time, you may do more harm than good unless you get your head on straight.

I would have more to say on this subject, but fortunately, Lexi keeps to herself.  Now I have work to do, goodbye.

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