Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Again, I'm only putting up a short post so people know I'm alive. We've been doing the tourist thing all over the world still. After Bejing we hopped to Indonesia for a day and then to Sydney. We've been picking up necessities as needed on our travels, including new suitcases. It's nice, actually, having nice things. My grandma gave me the suitcase I have sitting at home. She doesn't travel much so when I took my senior trip to New York in high school I took second hand luggage along. Which was fine, I loved that she wanted to help me. But new is nice.

We're making a special stop next. Won't say where again. And MrStumblr is going through withdrawal from not posting, but he's adamant that if he does it won't be pretty. That's why I'm letting you people know what's going on. See you all later.