Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Not a vacation

As MrStumblr noted, we're on the move. We saw some events that terrified us. First his car at supper, then the same message spray painted on his house. Finally he went to one of his therapy sessions and found a file with my name on it. She got called out for something and he looked through it. It's a stalker's file. There's all sorts of photos of me. And a CD. The disc is the important part. He uploaded it's contents to one of those file sharing sites so he could look at it later. It's all surveylence footage of my old apartment. And she was there. Just like Masky came in the night in Marble Hornets, so she came in the night for me. There are several times it shows me vanishing from bed and I walk in and head back to bed later.

Finally we saw Him again. He was already in the house when we got home from grocery shopping. And so we ran. Hopped a plane to New York City, where we got a new wardrobe and stayed low for a couple days. We're mooching off of airport WiFi now. And no, I won't say where we're going next. I don't want to meet anyone unpleasant.


  1. Don't be sorry, Elaine. There's no way you could have prevented anything. Besides, I never thought I'd see as much as I have lately.