Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A map for my mind

I need to write this out, think it through. This is almost too much. I'll start from the beginning.

I found the Slender Man a few month ago, and first saw him shortly after. And then I started blogging. I did what I could to keep him out of my writing, but that didn't last too long. And James, sorry, MrStumblr, well he sorta pushed that to the front of my thoughts. So you can bet I'd be shitting bricks when I found out he could see him too. That night we ran. My kitchen was connected to the garage so we hit the button and we took off in my car before the door finished opening. He was furious, tentacles everywhere. And stupidly, I took off for the countryside, towards my favorite lake. There are no trees anywhere near it, but the fastest route runs through a small county park. That park is nothing but trails and trees. Bad move. He was there, at every turn, every rut in the road. MrStumblr helped a lot, keeping me in a condition to drive and making sure we didn't hit anything.

Worst half hour of my life. He put us in a loop. It's normally a 10 minute drive, but it took until trip number three for us to realize what had happened. I saw a rut I'd left there previously and realized I was letting the fear control us. After that, we slowly talked our way back to calm and escaped. Not before he smashed in a few windows, but we escaped unharmed. Another few minutes and we were at the lake. I just parked the car and we sat there. Terrified for our lives until sunrise.

And then I moved in and we talked. I told him I was stalked and he told me that he wasn't human in the same way I was. It's a bit of a leap to realize your boyfriend was at one point the equivalent of a proxy. It's quite another to notice that he has been anything but proxyish since you met him. I don't think the Slender Man's controlling him at all. Or at least not in the same way the rest of his minions are. I think I can trust MrStumblr. I should go talk to him. Now that I've got this all worked out, I need to see where we stand.

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