Friday, September 2, 2011

A Parcel

Sorry I haven't said much lately. I'm a bit reclusive right now, I'm sure you can understand why. That being said, I'm staying with a friend for now. We're selling the house, nobody has a use for it. Pretty much everything in it's being sold too. He had another copy of his will, a legal one, in that stack of papers he mentioned. It's going to take some time, but all of the legal crap is being worked out.

That being said, I received a package today. It was sent to my friend's apartment, not the house, but addressed to me. The box itself was a fair size, like what a DVD player would ship in, so it surprised me when I opened it and didn't find much. There were three other, much smaller packages and a bunch of packing peanuts. Each one had an item and a note.

The first was a can of mace in one of those bubble wrap lined envelopes. The note read "For protection, because it's not only Him after you."
The second was a key in a standard letter envelope, it's note said "For emergency use only. Keep it with you."
And the third was a cell phone, new in it's box and complete with a charger and battery. "I'll contact you later. Also for use in emergencies."

There doesn't seem to be anything special about any of these. The mace is just a small aerosol spray can, the key looks like an old house key, and the phone is a brand new Verizon flip phone. Cheap, but it gets good signal. There's one contact in the phone book and it's a local number. Guardian, he calls himself. Or herself, the handwriting is very neat. They sent a text message to the phone too. "Call if you need anything."

I'm a little freaked out here. First off, someone knows where I'm staying. Someone that really shouldn't know. Someone I don't want knowing. Secondly, from what he or she says, others with less than amiable ambitions know too. Third, and this is a bit of comfort, at least someone wants me alive. For the time being anyway.

I don't know their reasons, but alive is good.


  1. Yes, alive is very good. Any return address?

  2. I hate to be a downer here, but you don't know who sent this... are you sure it's not an enemy faking being a friend for some reason?

  3. A Gatherer? Well, shit, either way she just got a little bit of help. No one said she had to trust them.

  4. Dia, there's no return address. And what's a Gatherer?

    Elaine, I have no clue. I'm leaving the cell phone at home, I've got my own anyway. The key I'll keep on my keyring, it's just a key after all. And I've been meaning to buy a can of mace anyway.

  5. Damn. Of course you couldn't get one of the stupid ones. Gatherers are people, often times with blogs, that are actually Proxies. They pretend to be victims or Runners to gain trust and information. There are more of these than you'd think.

  6. Well aren't they lovely folks. I'll be sure to watch closely then.