Sunday, September 25, 2011

Here We Go Again

I'm home and thanking every deity known to man I didn't see a cop on the way. We were dancing and there was a guy. He was... oooh. He took my mind off the recent past and kept it very well focused on the moment. Moving on, our favorite freakshow was there. He started in the corner and I tried to ignore him, but whenever I took my eyes off him he got closer and closer.

So I flew home. I just got in my car and drove. I know my locks won't stop him, but here's to testing the third floor theory. Oh, and I hear the kettle. Time to go brew my tea. I think I'm going to add a shot of liqueur to it. I could use it tonight.


  1. I know I've mentioned this before on my blog and elsewhere, though not necessarily to you. But there is power and security in having a home beyond having it on the third floor. ;) There's a reason it takes a while for him to creep on you, and doesn't just show up, in your house, on day one and game over.

    Whether you believe in magic or prefer to call it psychology, there is a law, some would say The Law, which states "as above, so below." This is the macro and microcosm usually defined as as in heaven, so on earth. But it also extends like one of those infinity paintings of the same image inside itself forever to the lowest low and the highest high. So you earth is to heaven as your home is to you body and your body is to your soul.

    In other words, you give Him power on your turf by believing He has power. He keeps creeping on you until that moment when he is powerful enough to get through defenses you didn't know you had to attack you.

    I don't like how aggressive He was being while you were out having a good time, but if you keep in mind that you are not powerless, that there are boundaries that keep him at bay, you should be able to keep those boundaries closed. Just be mindful of them and if he creeps on you again, mentally push him out.

    I know it sounds hard (and counter-intuitive), but use it like a daily affirmation. He can't get in unless you let Him in. It's a mental defense like your body's immune system. So long as your soul occupies your body and your body occupies your home, there is no room for an invading presence unless you invite it in.

  2. Meh, typos... you know what I meant.

  3. That's a lot to take in. But I'll give it a try.

  4. I know. You're not the first I've told, and I get that same reaction from pretty much everyone. But it's worked for me, so I keep trying to convince others. It doesn't work if you can't believe it though.

    And of course, keep in mind, it's not protection against a physical invader, such as a proxy or if He would contrive to destroy your home to drive you out to him. It just allows you to define and patrol your psychic boundaries more easily and stop him from creeping on you, invading your "personal space."